Of the millions of people who profess faith in Yahusha HaMashiach as Lord and Savior, only a small fraction of this number are actively sharing their faith with others. An even smaller number are supporting the work of ministry that is actually getting people saved.

The reality is that most who consider themselves “strong believers” are routinely disobedient, fearful, neglectful, and inconsiderate concerning the HARD WORK of the Ministry.

We see in the story of Gideon in the book of Judges that when YAHUAH Elohim wants to go to battle against the Kingdom of Darkness, He raises up people that are STRONG and COURAGEOUS!!

Gideon’s warriors were put to the test—two rounds of testing to be exact (Judges 7:1-8).

Of the 32,000 warriors available to fight the Midian army, Gideon finally selected  only 300 of them. Let that sink in. Only 300 out of 30,000 passed the holy test that made them qualified to be part of the MOVE OF ELOHIM that would bring victory to Israel.

In the first round, Elohim sent all the fearful home. These 22,000 warriors failed the COURAGE test, leaving only 10,000 men for further testing.

In the second round, the warriors who let down their guards were sent home. These 9,700 warriors failed the VIGILANCE or BOLDNESS round of the test.

Courage and vigilance in the face of dangerous, fear-inducing situations are predictive of the same behaviors in similar situations. Both rounds of testing were behaviorally oriented—based on an assessment of what the men actually did, not what they professed.

Right now HE IS putting people through the same testing. He is putting them up against insurmountable odds and fearful situations to see how they respond.

Of the Millions that are being tested, only a SMALL FRACTION will respond to their circumstances with boldness and courage. Most will be looking for any excuse to leave the battle.

While many want the joy of the battle and feeling the victory, most don’t have the development in their character to be a true Kingdom Warrior.

If you’re one of those who are looking for a way out and an easy escape, you’ll never be used to win extraordinary victories.

If you’re one whom is being TRIED BY FIRE right now, hold your line, be bold and courageous because now is the time when HE is selecting a small group of TRUE KINGDOM WARRIORS to do HIS WILL.

He is going to be moving in an extraordinary way through these warriors. He will be causing Earth Shaking Miracles, Supernatural encounters, Angelic Visitations and Amazing breakthroughs to bring forth HIS holy harvest.

If you want to be part of this last days Gideon’s Army, you need to lose your FEAR and stand in a new level of BOLDNESS that will make even the most on FIRE preacher blush.