As I got quiet before Yahuah He showed me the heavens above North America.

This extended over Canada, America, and even Mexico. Even in the middle of the day the heavens were covered in a great darkness.

I saw small shafts of light penetrating for a moment but they would go away after a little while. Then another shaft of light would appear somewhere else and then disappear. Some shafts were bigger and stronger than others and some were like flashes of light.

The flashes of light would be like a burst and then go away very quickly. The bigger shafts of light would linger for a while and it seemed like they would stay but little by little they would fade and then be gone.

The clouds were not normal clouds. They did not move like normal clouds that float by … these clouds were dark, sinister clouds that seemed alive and when a shaft of light would come through the clouds seemed to move to cover the shaft as fast as possible. This went on for a while and I asked from my heart …

What is this my KING?

“These are the HEAVENS above the LAND.” The KING explained to me. “These clouds are the evil Ruachs, principalities, and Ruachual wickedness above the land which feed on sin, fear, and hopelessness.”

As I listened in the Ruach, I could hear the grief in the heart of the KING as He explained.

“These shafts of light that you are seeing are answers to prayers of MY people who come relentlessly before my THRONE and with great determination they break through the clouds to get an answer. I keep my promise to answer the prayers of MY people even in this gross darkness.”

I listened to the heart of the KING. His heart is heavy for the burdens in the land.

“The greater shafts of light are gatherings of intercessors who press with greater strength and pull down many things for more people but when they see the answers to their prayers, they rejoice and are blessed.”

Why do the shafts go away?

“The shafts of light you see do not remain because once the people receive what they are praying for, they cease praying and the enemy quickly closes the heavens. He cannot stop MY answers. He cannot prevail against MY Church.”

“He can only cover and disguise the heavens so that when my people receive their petition, they are content and do not press further.”

How is this possible? I asked.

“When the cry of SIN and Evil is louder than the cry of intercession, the enemy gains momentum. His deeds are dark and in keeping this darkness over the land, sin abounds.”

Immediately I remembered the passage about Grace. Where Sin abounds Grace does much more abound!

“Yes, my GRACE is sufficient to bless MY children even in this gross darkness. Some press hard and this is when you see a great column of light for a time.” the King continued.

“The power of my GRACE overcomes the enemy and my people receive their requests as I promised.”

What about the lost? What about those who do not know you?

“This darkness is meant to kill my harvest. To bring so much fear that even my people are content with just surviving and not pressing further to see the heavens change.”

When an answer to prayer comes, the people pull back from the fight instead of pressing further and expanding the hole with even greater prayer. This is why you only see occasional bursts of power instead of the full LATTER RAIN.”

As I listened my heart grieved because I was guilty of doing this very thing. I am one who knows how to pray THROUGH and fight through the enemy blockade to come into the throne in time of need. Just sitting there I realized instantly how selfish that really is. I just wept. My repentance is great.

“I AM coming into My PEOPLE by MY OWN RUACH to PRAY through this darkness and pull it down. I AM doing it and it is by MY HAND that this darkness will pass. I AM arresting vessels who have yielded themselves to ME to let ME come in and pray without ceasing so the breakthrough remains for the lost.”

“This is why you have not seen the harvest COME IN and now you will see it. You will see the LOST and the wretched be forgiven and come into MY Kingdom. This will bring the LIGHT throughout the LAND and expose the works of darkness that have been covered by this thick cloud of evil. You will not have room in your assemblies for the harvest is great. I WILL FILL YOUR STADIUMS with people who will come to receive the gift of salvation.”


As I weep over my own weakness and frailty HE comforts me.

“Do not despair my Son. I have called you to this hour to announce what I AM doing so that my lambs would not be afraid. I will do this work. I will contend with the forces of darkness that have covered the land and I will break the bars of brass. I will do this and you don’t have to be afraid. Even now there is a concert of true prayer building that the enemy cannot stop”

“I AM calling intercessors from around the world to focus on this cloud over this land. I AM coming into intercessors in greater measure to bring this darkness down and your enemy knows HE CANNOT PREVAIL against you. I will contend with those who contend with you and break this evil off the land.”