Thursday, June 25th, 2015 Minneapolis, Mn.

It is with a very heavy heart that I write this down and record this against the USA as the LORD has spoken. There is no intercession that HE will hear to relent. He has said there will be no delay.

As I walked down to my chamber I asked the Lord, “tell me what will happen tomorrow” and I meant for him to share something incidental that would be between us. It is in this way that we all hone our ears to hear HIM and HIS voice in a world so filled with noise.

When I arrived at my desk I heard the whisper of the voice of the LORD. Here is what He said.

  • Supreme Court
  • Decision
  • Judgment
  • Fools
  • Declaration Of War


I sat stunned at my computer because of the last thing HE said. He did not just view this matter as a minor thing. He viewed it as a direct assault.

The decision from Heaven’s perspective was a defacto declaration of War.

The LORD kept HIS PROMISE to send MESSENGERS with Steel Rods in their backs and a Sharp Sword in their mouths and across the land the warnings went forth.

But the land is dull of hearing.

Those who have profaned the Sabbaths of the KING do not know their own blindness and there is no way to recover that at this point without FIRE.

Here is another sobering thing the KING spoke to me.

The nation with the highest number of “foolish virgins” is the USA.  Of all the foolish virgins who were not ready, the USA represented the largest group of any nation. The church in America is unaware of its grave state before a HOLY God. They will be surprised at the nations with the highest persecution also had the highest percentage of the wise virgins.

This “supreme court” decision made by a secular authority without any societal outrage and repentance seals this nation’s fate for good. Now HE will come and make HIS will known about HIS KINGDOM and how things will be running on HIS planet going forward into the new millennium. He will remove His bride and then give the world the leader it wants. Lucifer.

He judges the Church first as promised and then the world.