As an Apostolic Church Ministry, we need TRUE PARTNERS.

As you stand with us in regular financial support, you not only lay up for yourself treasure in Heaven but you ensure that this work expands to reach others whom otherwise would not hear, not be reached, not be touched.

We work diligently to make the most of every resource we have to demonstrate that we are not going to take a backward step in the battle for souls even if we have to make sacrifices to do it. We’re committed to the fight regardless of who comes with.

Recently Abba Father, YHWH of Hosts issued a strong word of warning concerning the use and management of the Holy Things to all His people. We are hearing many prophets and apostles warning the people to place their trust in HIM and not in man or man’s systems for man’s systems shall surely fail.

We’ve gotten this far without your regular help, imagine how much more we can do WITH your regular support.

The time is NOW and if you agree, please don’t just think about it or hear about it … let’s do it.


We have already made our commitment. We’re asking you to make yours.

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Remnant House Ministries

P.O. Box 393
Lindstrom, Mn. 55045