israel in crisis
Peter Michael Martinez (UFA – Minneapolis) Over the last week or so, the world has watched as once again, conflict has erupted in Israel. Over 1,000 rockets have been fired from the Gaza strip into populated areas around Israel and the IDF (Israeli Defense Force) have countered with air strikes that have cost the lives of over 190 people.

Regardless of the grievances of the Palestinian group “Hamas” there can be no mistaking the reality that “rocket diplomacy” is a failure and any nation that would honor such tactics only invites them to be used again and again.

Once a nation concedes to terrorist activity, it subjects itself to more. That is something most people understand. You don’t reward criminal behavior unless you want to encourage more criminal behavior.

So it would seem that the world would line up behind Israel and condemn the terrorists. Not so fast. If you’re waiting for ambassadors and spokesman from leading world powers to condemn the acts of the Hamas terrorists, with rare exception, you’ll be waiting a long time.

This sober reality is one Israel faces internationally on a continuous basis. No matter what measures Israel takes to conduct itself honorably, it will always fall short of the approval of the nations.

While most reasonable people cannot fathom the elements of this type of conflict, Israel has to live with neighbors and groups both within and without that have publicly vowed to work toward the eradication of the nation of Israel.

Subjected from literally its first day of existence to the present to attacks of all kinds, the nation of Israel continues today miraculously despite a dearth of international support.

Irrespective of the tactics of the terrorists, the world seems bent on insisting on concessions to terrorism rather than genuine mutual respect and cooperation from all parties.

In no other theater would such things be tolerated but for some reason, it is expected in Israel. The world looks upon the “Palestinians” with sympathy while demonizing the Israeli government.

What most in the west do not understand and are slowly coming to realize is that the reason why there cannot be peace is because the Arab leadership cannot and will not live with Israel. They will continue to deny Israel’s right to exist and work to destroy the state of Israel at any opportunity.

The dedication to the destruction of Israel is so complete that they are willing to die to accomplish this. This is the measure of the resolve of the enemies of Israel.

If you are facing a neighbor who has sworn to kill you and you see this neighbor breaking into your home, every homeowner has the right to defend their family and property. This is a fundamental right of all people.

If the police arrive on a scene and a gunman refuses to drop their weapon, the police will use deadly force to disarm an attacker. Plain and simple, the shooter will be shot dead if they do not surrender. If they would rather die than surrender, the police force in most countries will oblige them and they will die because they refused to lay down their arms.


The same must be true with Israel and the criminals who are shooting rockets into civilian areas bent on terror. If they will not lay down their arms, they leave the government no choice but to come in and attack them until they yield. If they refuse, then there is no alternative but to use force.

This is a no win scenario for Israel. If they do NOT go in and stop this barrage of rockets, they sentence their own people to continued terror attacks and renewed violence. If the DO go in and stop the terrorist attacks, then the slain terrorists are considered martyrs and will be “avenged” by a new generation of criminals bent on death.

The international community, for whatever reason, refuses to denounce all terrorism efforts. Apparently what is considered terrorism in the United States or Europe is to be tolerated in the middle east as normal.

Recently the IDF ordered the evacuation of the northern part of Gaza in anticipation of further military action. In so doing they demonstrated for the world to see that their aim is not to cause indiscriminate harm but to apprehend or terminate hostiles.

Unfortunately for Israel, this is the tactic they will have to continue to employ. If the Hamas terrorist insist on using “human shields” to hide themselves, then a general evacuation may be necessary. All those who want to support Hamas and continue an armed struggle against Israel stay in the Gaza strip. All those who renounce such violence may leave.

By giving people the choice, those who rather die than yield may stay behind and take their chances without hiding behind innocent people and especially children who did not ask for nor deserve this kind of environment.

Once isolated, Hamas and its supporters will have a choice. Either fight to the finish or renounce violence. Since so many seem bent on suicide, this will be their opportunity for a swift death.

After a predetermined time, release the airstrikes and destroy any enemies. While this may seem brutal and merciless, it is the only way you’ll have peace because you cannot negotiate with people who are hell bent on your death and don’t care about their own death.

Only a final assault will put an end to this and it must be done in a way that the world sees that Israel has done all it could do to give these people a way out. Just as the police would give a gunman or a gang of gunmen the opportunity to lay down their weapons and come out with their hands up.

If they refuse, then the police have every right to open fire on those who are shooting at them.

But Israel will never do this because Israel continues to want to find peaceful solutions with an enemy that has no desire for peace. Israel continues to act like a battered wife that keeps forgiving only to be beaten again and again.

For this reason Messiah must come to destroy all those who would not yield and walk in peace. HE is the only solution to the middle east peace process. Until HE comes, Israel will never truly have peace.

Luke 19:27 “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.”