demonizedFor Immediate Release. Minneapolis, Mn (UFA August 13, 2014

Increasingly the news is reporting disturbing and chilling acts of violence, murder, and even supernatural phenomena that defies the conventions of normal society.

From one end of the spectrum to the other, religious groups, pastors, clergy and institutions are increasingly reporting unexplainable acts of violence, mental illness, and evil increasing in almost every part of the United States.

In response to this growing crisis, there is a demand for instruction, information, and encouragement to families, victims and those responding to these calls for intervention.

On September 13, 2014 in Apple Valley, Minnesota, a suburb of the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, Rev. Peter Michael Martinez is hosting a conference called “And They Shall Cast Out Devils” which will cover the increasing manifestations of demonic possessions, supernatural phenomena and other characteristics of the increasing spiritual oppression.

Peter Michael Martinez has almost 20 years of full time ministry experience dealing with various levels of other wordly encounters and is highly regarded among his supporters as an “Apostle of the last days.”

This upcoming event held at the Hayes Senior Center in Apple Valley, Mn. will feature detailed accounts of the growing phenomena which Peter Michael Martinez characterizes as “the rise of the forces of darkness” preceding what many Christians believe is the return of Jesus Christ.

This bold and contemporary speaker displays a spiritual dynamic and confrontative style that engages audiences in a manner unseen in most Christian circles and his energetic and charismatic personality have endeared many seeking answers to what they perceive is “demonic” activity increasing in society.

Whatever your thoughts, it is encouraging to see ministers providing encouragement, support, and even answers to the growing peril of violence that is creeping into our society at an alarming pace.

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